“….Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.” -Donald Trump via Twitter (January 6, 2018)

This actually got me thinking about my two greatest assets.

I could not narrow from many to two greatest as the competition among the many was fierce.

In the thinking process many great liabilities also came up.  In fact, some assets were also liabilities in certain conditions!

I asked some dear friends and a member of my family for help and without exaggeration I can say that after compiling all of them, even I was amazed at the number of assets that I have in me!  Here are the responses I received, the first one from my sister and the rest from very dear friends.

  1. Your sense of family and friends
    Your tenacity
    Your commitment to maintaining relationships.
  2. Your wisdom …from years of varied enriching experiences. Your empathy and/or your humility…. Since you’re willing to share the experiences for helping others even when they make you appear not in the best of light at times.
    Its injustice to just ask for 2 though….
  3. Independent thinking / intelligence and Sense of humour,
  4. Self awareness and awareness of situations around you – a quest or curiosity to know why what how of stuff going on and Ability to put translate philosophy into practical action through practical steps. A generous heart willing to use all of above to help any one who seeks it
    You are born to guide people. Guru aspect of Jupiter is very high in your personality.

The best suggestion came from my daughter in love who without batting an eyelid simply said that she and my son were my two greatest assets.  Hard to deny that too!

I decided to sleep over it and finally came up with two which are as follows.  The first are what I would call my parallel assets to those of the POTUS and the next are what I think being the greatest in my opinion.

  1. My sense of humour, and
  2. My total lack of sense of rumour.
  1. Always being grounded in reality.
  2. Building and maintaining strong relationships.

What however came across loud and clear to me, as you will see from the responses I received, is that context matters.  Each one’s experience of his/her relationship with me influenced the response.  Naturally, while there is some overlap, there is definitely different perceptions involved due to the context of the relationships.

Go ahead, be inspired by the POTUS and draw up your own.  Ask your family members and / or friends.  May be you can share in the comments section or write your own blog posts.


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