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“That man is a creature who needs order yet yearns for change, is the creative contradiction at the heart of the laws which structure his conformity and define his deviancy.”
~ Freda Adler.

Freda Adler is most famous for her proposal that Feminism increased opportunities and more importantly desire for women to take part in criminal activities. Here is one instance of contradictions straight away. A classic chicken and egg situation that no one suggested because statistics can be interpreted anyway one wants.

Coming to the quote itself, the creative contradiction that Freda writes about, is profound in its total banality. Conformity and Deviancy are contradictions? What laws? When you consider that each of us marches to our individual drum beats, surely, the laws themselves contradict each other at need?

I am often criticised by well meaning friends for being inconsistent and contradicting myself. My answer has always been that consistency is for stagnant people and contradicting oneself means that one is open to change one’s opinions, values and morals to suit particular contexts. The human condition is more like this and must be accepted for its contradictory attraction.

I would have however added another line at the bottom of the lower sign, AT YOUR PERIL.

“Great truth is a statement whose opposite is also a great truth.”
~ Niels Bohr.

Do you believe “Good things come in small packages” or “The bigger, the better”?

26 thoughts on “Contradiction.”

  1. Do I believe good things come in small packages, Ramana? Yes, I do. The bigger the better.

    You say you are occasionally being criticised “for being inconsistent and contradicting myself.” That surprises me. You appear pretty consistent to me.

    You say: “My answer has always been that consistency is for stagnant people and contradicting oneself means that one is open to change one’s opinions, values and morals to suit particular contexts.” Can’t say I agree with that, Ramana. I equate consistency with integrity, being true to myself, values, a baseline of the person I am. And therefore consistent in being open to suggestions, open to other people, happy to tweak my opinions if another’s argument makes sense.

    Conclusion: Being consistent does not equal stagnant.

    Ursula recently posted..Safety in numbers

        1. PS Just to keep misunderstandings at bay: I agree with Shackman’s response. Now all I need to do is get my brain about all the points he made in his own take on the subject. Will do some dusting in the meantime.

          Ursula recently posted..Safety in numbers

    1. You say that, Shackman. Please do move in some of my circle who are clearly super human and will let not let you get away with the slightest contradiction without putting you into the slammer.

      Donations welcome.

      Ursula recently posted..Safety in numbers

  2. Many people imagine they are consistent and unswerving in their opinions, but in reality we constantly contradict ourselves and our friends are usually well aware of the contradictions. I do agree with you that a contradictory person is much more interesting than one who is endlessly predictable.
    nick recently posted..Just be grateful

  3. if i were put in the slammer for being contradictory… well… i’d be forever in jail! so many extenuating circumstances! i don’t want to be pinned down. physically or mentally. there are too many shades of grey.
    i like shakman’s response too.
    i do however like consistency in some things… like quality of food, etc.
    tammyj recently posted..shot at dawn

    1. Tammy, even in the food example that you give, the same food cooked by the same chef with all the same ingredients, will still be inconsistent. Just the degree will vary.

  4. Do I want everything ( car , TV+remote , toaster , computer , phone , microwave etc ) around me to be “consistent” ( boringly predictable & reliable ) ? Yes . Do I want everyone around me to be consistent , boringly predictable & reliable ? Mostly ! Am I consistent , boringly predictable & reliable ? No , but not for want of trying ! Is inconsistency an imperfection ? Yes . But isn’t that the same as being “human” ? For those who agree with my earth shakingly profound statement I say ” great minds think alike” . On the other had I also offer : “fools seldom differ” . Hows that for a contradiction ?!

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