Like many other things in life that repeat, this too is a topic that inadvertently has been suggested by me for the weekly LBC posts as a repeat. Since there is little that I can add to improve what I had written a year and a half ago, I shall simply cut and paste the same thing all over again.

In the circle of my friends and family, I am known as a good cook.

My love affair with cooking started when some male friends working in the Middle East taught me that men too can cook. They had no choice as they were forced to live alone leaving their families behind and perforce had to learn how to cook.

Once I saw them cook and picked up some tips from them, there was no stopping me and at every possible opportunity I would cook. I also collected recipes and bought a number of books of recipes to help me along my then new hobby.

Since I was also in a travelling job and had to stay in hotels and eat restaurant food, I would ask to meet the chefs whenever I was intrigued by some dish and would request the chefs for recipes. I did the same thing whenever I was entertained in some one’s home and would ask the lady of the house or the cook for the recipe.

For me, cooking also turned out to be a great occupation therapy and nothing gives me greater pleasure than someone eating food cooked by me complimenting me for it.

An update however is in order. I stopped cooking after the death of my wife as I simply lost all interest as there was no one to appreciate the outcomes. Three years ago however a whole lot of young people persuaded me to cook one lamb dish for a special occasion and I came up trumps with that. Bar that one occasion, I have not cooked anything other than making the morning cup of tea and microwaving the oats for breakfast or toasting bread slices. I however give instructions to our help who uses the guidelines to cook some amazing stuff for the home and guests.

May be one of these days, I may just get back into the kitchen just to see if the knack is still there.

I have suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs. Β Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman<

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  1. Clicked on your link with reference to previous post on cooking and am amazed, nay astonished, that for once (no idea why) it appears that I had nothing to say in the comment box. I still don’t. Much.

    I can’t imagine not cooking, for others including myself. In fact, if anything, in absence of anyone dear to me to feed, I’d probably collect the lonely and homeless off the street and round my table. Talk about being selfless. HA.

    Ursula recently posted..In search of answers

    1. There are a number of my posts not blessed by your comments. So, nothing unusual there to find one without a comment from you. I can imagine not cooking because I don’t have to whereas you have to. We live in different environments. I have others to cheerfully cook at home and that makes it easier.

  2. As you know, I don’t cook much. Andy likes simple, healthy and bland food, and so do I. I can understand the joys of cooking, it just doesn’t match our lifestyle — we have other projects that absorb us.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..New Snow

    1. I visited a dear friend, a fellow alumnus who too is a widower, yesterday. He lives all alone in a beautiful flat among his beloved books and most importantly, cooks for himself. He insisted on hosting me for lunch at a nearby restaurant with exactly the same excuse that he cooks bland food for himself! He suffers from colitis as he confessed but apart from the blandness which is common with you he also added that the food cooked by him is mostly uninteresting! I invited him to come over to our place as often as he wanted but, he stays 15 Kms away from where we do and that is unlikely to be very frequent.

  3. Synchronicity once again as I too no longer enjoy cooking like I used too for much the same reason as you. Plus, there I’d no set schedule here and I refuse to be a short-order cook in my own home LOL

  4. I have never ever minded keeping my house clean.
    but if I were rich I would have a cook and a driver.
    I cooked for Bob those 17 years and after he died kind of like you and urmeela…
    I just lost interest. now I eat at home as simply as possible.
    I do enjoy being with the marine to eat out however.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. In India, we don’t have to be rich to employ cooks and our public transportation in cities does allow us to be fairly independent and not being compelled to drive. The past week has been one of my going out every day for lunch and to meet people and I simply used taxis and autorickshaws. Middle class homes can easily afford to hire maids, cooks, gardeners etc.

  5. I have only used the oven once since I’ve been here, “scones” – as for the FP and other portable mixer, zilch. I recently moved all the baking and muffin tins into another cupboard…

    I too am a simple, throw it together either in the frypan/wok, the stock pot, or the microwave or open a packet and eat.

    Yesterday I cooked up a pot of “goo” when the bottled tom/garlic saucy thing was looking suspect (it’s not off…though) – added some frozen beans, rice and stock liquid – and it’s going to last a few days…

    today it’s the nice chewy breads that have my attn πŸ™‚ and then there is some cheeses which might find their way to my mouth later today…after I’ve had a bowl of goo πŸ™‚

    1. In my cooking days, I used the oven quite often to cook tandoori chicken and khababs but, never used it to bake anything. I used the microwave often too quite often. It took much effort but, I did learn how to roll out nice round chapatis.

  6. Appadums…I have been pestering you now and then to cook something for us however you make all sorts of excuses πŸ™ You prefer giving tips and suggestions to Maushi however you refuse to step in and take over for a day…. Lazy have you become shall I say ????

        1. I can’t find the actual word (the greeting word) but it appears to be added to: poppadoms – and it could have something to do with “crackers” or maybe the fluffy look of the food (note I said “look” because I don’t they the P…doms are actually soft and fluffy to eat – – which might be an endearment or a reminder – that has a relationship with you …

  7. What a shame you have put your cooking talents ‘on the shelf’! I’m a very plain (sometimes resentful) cook, and don’t like doing it at all. However, I know that in order to eat properly (vegetarian, that is), I need to cook. Processed dishes, even the deli ones, are tastier than anything I can cook, but not nearly as healthy. So, it’s off to the kitchen I go, three times a day! Actually that’s not entirely true. My husband frequently suggests we go out to eat, just to give me a break.
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Aging in Place With ElliQ and Other Innovations

    1. If my beloved daughter in love had her way, I will become the unpaid cook at home soon. Talking about cooking, a joke comes to mind.

      The Sunday School Teacher asks, “Now, Johnny, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?” “No sir,” little Johnny replies, “I don’t have to. My Mom is a good cook.” …

  8. I think Jenny is the same, she enjoys cooking but in particular she enjoys cooking for me because I so appreciate her meals. If I wasn’t around, she’d probably lose interest in cooking and live on pizza and chips.

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