Cooking Undhiyu The Traditional Way.

Nick had this to say in his comments on my blog post Winter Speciality Food:. “I wonder if other dishes would benefit from being cooked “under a warm winter sun in an open field on a farm”? In fact Wikipedia tells me that “the dish is traditionally cooked upside down underground in earthen pots”. Sounds a bit tricky! But your Undhiyu looks delicious, however it was cooked!”

I thought that the best way to learn the process which I have seen a few times, is to share this video with my readers.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Undhiyu The Traditional Way.”

  1. Looks delicious! Did I miss hearing how long it cooks, or is it only as long as the lighted fuel around the pot burns? How long is that, generally?

    1. The chef said that it would take about 45 minutes to cook. I remember that it took longer and we had enough time to have some nice fellowship over beer while it cooked. I also remember that the fire had to completely die out on its own before the pot could be taken out.

  2. fascinating! I was amazed at how many flavors are in the one dish.
    I liked his musical accent.
    also… I liked the beautiful cow just behind him to the side. very calmly watching this ‘strange’ way of cooking while eating her own dinner! 😀 LOL! wonderful Rummy! xo

      1. thank you for that wonderful link Rummy! it’s only ONE thing that makes India so absolutely magical to me.
        how anyone could not be vegetarian is beyond me! I am late getting back to this. I hope you can see it. I’m very slow these days in responding to everything! so much is going on here. anyway…
        thanks again for the link. xo

        1. Entirely my pleasure Tammy.

          I am a vegetarian and I do not miss eating non vegetarian food. I have seen the bit of the world and would not like to live in any country other than India. It is not only for the number of friends and relatives that I have here but, primarily because I am the most comfortable here among my own kind and am totally integrated into its culture and ethos.

          You can take all the time you want to respond. I am in no hurry nor am I writing a lot of posts anyway!

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