In the circle of my friends and family, I am known as a good cook.

My love affair with cooking started when some male friends working in the Middle East taught me that men too can cook. They had no choice as they were forced to live alone leaving their families behind and perforce had to learn how to cook.

Once I saw them cook and picked up some tips from them, there was no stopping me and at every possible opportunity I would cook. I also collected recipes and bought a number of books of recipes to help me along my then new hobby.

Since I was also in a travelling job and had to stay in hotels and eat restaurant food, I would ask to meet the chefs whenever I was intrigued by some dish and would request the chefs for recipes. I did the same thing whenever I was entertained in some one’s home and would ask the lady of the house or the cook for the recipe.

For me, cooking also turned out to be a great occupation therapy and nothing gives me greater pleasure than someone eating food cooked by me complimenting me for it.

The topic for this week’s LBC post was suggested by me and you can see what Shackman and Pravin have to say in their blogs.

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  1. Synchronicity – I too love to cook. I began in self defense – prior to getting married, Lynn cooked for me once – a great meal with cornish hens and wild rice. The next time she cooked it was nerly inedible. I looked at her amd said You really can’t cook can you?”
    She sheepishly smiled and said “no”. I laughed and said no problem – I cook, you clean – she said “Deal” and that agreement lasted for decades until her disease prohibited her from keeping up her end of the bargain. I started watching cooking shows, beginning with the Galloping Gourmet and to thsi day still enjoy them.

      1. He was great til he got religion but as he had a drinking problem it helped him quit. He was hilarious. Then there was the Frugal Gourmet – who woulda thunk a Methodist Minister would have so many issues – lol.
        shackman recently posted..Cooking LBC 07/15/2016

    1. I loved The Galloping Gourmet too, enough that I looked Graham Kerr up a few months ago.

      Apparently Kerr later renounced the show saying it was a crime because of the high rate of obesity in the US. He switched to healthier cooking after his wife suffered a stroke then heart attack in 1986.

      That’s too bad about The Galloping Gourmet. It was fun.
      Cheerful Monk recently posted..Lifelong Learning

    2. Synchronicity again. When we set up our first home after marriage, Urmeela could not cook at all. Our landlady insisted on her getting all the equipment and also taught her rudiments. I don’t enjoy watching cook shows, but that is not saying much because I don’t watch much television any way.

  2. Wonderful in a household when all can cook. I intrduced my son to cooking when he was quite young and he’s enjoyed it ever since — moreso than his sister, actually. His Dad could cook but rarely did.

  3. I adore a man who can cook.
    I could cook alright I guess. and at some dishes I was very good.
    but my problem was that I was never very adventurous.
    I would easily get into a rut.
    and I happened to have had the best husband on the planet.
    he never left the table that he didn’t thank me and say how good it was.
    a very very sweet liar! LOLOL.
    tammy j recently posted..the truest gold

  4. I’m fortunate that Dave’s mother taught him to cook since my mother did not teach me. We don’t either one enjoy doing it though so we eat too much easy but not good for us food.

  5. I’m a terrible cook but Jenny loves cooking, so we agreed many years ago that Jenny should cook while I do the washing up and do the weekly stock-up at the supermarket. Most of Jenny’s meals are just as good as the ones you’d pay £12 for at some fancy restaurant.
    nick recently posted..Bumbling along

  6. It’s always fortunate when at least one member of a couple likes to cook. I am a competent cook, but my heart is not in it these days (I’d much rather be doing something else!), and my husband can’t cook, and won’t even try! So I do it 5 days a week, we go out one day, and have takeout one day. It’s a good compromise, although I know we always eat healthier when we eat what I cook.So glad you love to cook, Rummuser. Part of that is always bringing joy and pleasure to others!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Are Millennials Questioning The Wisdom of Older People?

    1. In my home, all of us can cook and cook well too. My late wife too was a very good cook though she learnt how to only after we got married and set up our first home.

  7. I was fortunate to marry a great cook, one who loves to experiment with various combinations of spices and surprises me with a wonderful new dish from time to time. At the moment, she is on an extended trip to visit relatives. Help!
    Dick Klade recently posted..So Long for a While

  8. Recipe for us non-cooks? I just read about this sandwich on a blog–shaved ham, smoked gouda, fresh pear, and raspberry sauce. Sounds wonderful to me!

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