Corruption’s New Twist.

Ms. Kiran Bedi is in the forefront of the current anti corruption agitation led by Anna Hazare in India.

Much was expected from Ms. Bedi but, alas, she has let her admiring fans down.

She has submitted false claims for expenses incurred and has been caught red handed with an expose in the Indian Express.

She has clarified that the savings effected were for funding her Non Government Organisations involved in social work, but this does not wash with a lot of us, particularly me.

When I was a salesman, my employers wanted all salesmen to travel by train in the First Class Coaches to enable us to travel in comfort and to be rested well enough to handle tough sales calls at the next stop. Some salesmen would travel by the lower classes and claim the first class fare, but if they were found doing that, they were simply sacked.

Using the same logic, Ms Bedi was surely expected to travel in comfort to carry out her, no doubt, arduous duties at the end of each journey. Irrespective of what she did with the money that she saved, surely, the same logic should apply and she should accept her culpability?

No Ms. Bedi, don’t plead “Not Guilty” for this transgression. You cheated. Accept it with grace and apologise. If possible, return the excess amounts claimed from the various trusting organisations to them and apologise to them too. It might also be a good idea to quietly fade away from the limelight that you have occupied in the current agitation. Your credibility is now all shot to pieces.

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