“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak . Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

~ Winston Churchill. 

I was already sitting down so did not have to sit down, but I listened.  I listened to a charming young lady who complained that I am not posting enough on my blog as she was used to reading my blog posts the first thing every morning and misses her daily fix. I have promised to try and provide her with her daily fix henceforth and this is the first post in that endeavour.

One of the great traits of that young lady is the fact that she can listen.  And when she responds, she does it with such precision and brevity that if in turn the listener is not paying attention, s/he can miss out on the substance which is usually of the highest order as well.

This young lady is an epitome of courage.  Her life story is one of unusual happenings despite which she and her family faced the vicissitudes of life with exceptional courage and fortitude and came out on top.  Today I found that she has again had to face some serious problems which she has handled with her usual aplomb.  So, when she said that my blog posts inspire her, I was flattered and I had to show enough courage to make the commitment to post something every day henceforth.

And typical of her style, she promised to take me out for lunch next week.  What more can an old reprobate ask for! I look forward to it RB.



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