During the lockdown, many activities have been suspended for the good of the general public. There are however some stupid people who think that they can beat the system and do things that they should not be doing in the interest of safety.

One such character recently sent me a message on WhatsApp boasting about going for a jaunt with some friends after very careful planning. I quote him.

“We left home at five in the morning, to take advantage of the police nakabandi*  shift change timings to avoid harassment, and reached xxxxxx by around 6 o’clock, loafed around and were back at home at 8 O’clock refreshed and ready to take on the world.”

If he thought that he would impress me, he was in for a rude shock. I responded with:

It is for such people that someone has come up with a new word which is the title for this post.

* A Police barricade at strategic points to check vehicles and people from going about for non essential purposes.

18 thoughts on “Covidiots.”

    1. You hear right Keith but, things are improving. Rest assured that I am taking all possible care and preventive measures to stay safe. Thank you for the concern. Regards.

  1. It really is interesting. And I have seen people who are super cautious in most situations make some very strange decisions. Here there is a big debate because they are lifting mask mandates, and many think this is too soon. Personally, I plan to keep wearing a mask. Stay safe and healthy and sane!

    1. Situation here is rather different Kaitlin and I am really appalled when such behaviour comes to my notice. I don’t go out at all and when R and M do, they wear double masks and observe all other safety protocols. When someone comes to meet me, I simply meet them either at our verandah while wearing a mask or if inside, keep at least three meters distance from them again while wearing a mask. Thank you for your concern.

  2. I generally don’t Go out unless to buy groceries and get prescriptions
    refilled. Michael (the marine) and I eat out a couple of times a week.
    but we go to two different restaurants… both of which have outdoor dining and tables far apart. it’s very enjoyable. the waiters are all still wearing masks in our city. as are most of the big chain stores.
    it sounds like the subject of your post … the ‘covidiot’ is possibly young. they don’t tend to think of others first. they seem to only be interested in their OWN Enjoyment. I suppose it’s hard for them.
    I’m glad you’re staying SAFE and sane Rummy! xo

  3. There continue to be misguided people as you describe which is unfortunate for them and all the rest of us. Frankly, I think the hoopla and waste of time and energy on the pros and cons of mask wearing defies common sense. Wearing the mask is a simple act — just do it and concentrate on other matters.

  4. I also don’t understand why people refuse to abide by simple measures that help to keep us all virus-free. What is their problem? It seems like a rebellious thumbs-up to authority plus a belief that they’ll never catch the virus plus not wanting to look “weird” if their friends aren’t bothering with masks or distancing.

  5. Although it’s been some months since our region, Auckland was in lockdown – the police checkpoints were on every entry/exit from the region 24/7. You had to apply for an exemption to travel in/out/through the region. And at times 100s were sent packing!
    I also know if you were an essential worker who didn’t live in the exact suburb as your workplace, most businesses provided their employee with a letter, the dude next unit had such a letter.

    In the first one last March – people did all sorts of silly things but as soon as a local saw extras anywhere, they were quick to “dob them in” (car number plate) – one of my connections got a visit from the police after she went to a small out of the way beach area one day…many miles from her own home.

    At one point I was tempted to bus over to BB (2 suburbs away from here) but decided I didn’t want even a caution let alone be arrested/fined… I did bus within my own suburb though…

    Now in NZ as vaccines roll out we have the new trendy non-vaxer-covidiot (large advertising leaflet in my mail box the other day, not official, just dropped in by some unknown)
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..2021: Hermit and Solitude – how many people?

    1. It only takes the one as we know Ramana, covidiots are selfish in the extreme and I have unfriended IRL friends because of their attitude. I take similar precautions to your self. Still. Even though we are doing really really well here with just about everything open.


    2. Your country’s small population and effective policing seems to work in your favour. Our health professionals and the police force are stretched for the past over fifteen months and the covidiots are not helping in any way. Sad.

  6. I must commend your strong response. That people are so foolish, when it is incontrevertible that millions have suffered, many of them passed away, make one wonder if there is any limit to stupidity.
    Hope all of your near and dear ones (and you too) are, and will continue to be uninfected.
    Srinivas C recently posted..The great reset

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