I read a post on facebook about a friend having some bhelpuri and sevpuri in Mumbai and realised that it has been years since I had some.

There is a popular place that sells both about a kilometer away from home where we used to go sometimes when my late wife would crave for some. And that was more then a decade ago. We simply cannot go there anymore as there is no parking available nearby and the traffic is maddening.

When Ranjan and Manjiree returned after an outing earlier this evening, I told them about my craving for both and they promptly took off to another popular place that has opened nearer our home and returned with both for me.

Nice to have children who satisfy an old man’s cravings.

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    1. No doubt at all that the children love the old man. The going out and getting something to indulge him also meant that they too could have the goodies while waiting for the take away to be packed!

  1. I hope you had an enjoyable feast and told both your family companions a little more of your history – in this instance…

    Having had my own craving of delicious crusty bread answered, by a mere box-sized machine at my own place, I can’t wait to try out more recipes with it…

    The funny thing about said bread, is that I’m not really fond of regular white bread but this was so different, I felt like that I was eating something proper – it may have been the yeast or it may have knowing I wasn’t eating extras/chemicals in bread bought in a plastic bag/neatly sliced up…

  2. Yes you have reminded me of my late mother who used to crave the ” Dahi Batata Puri ” from the popular Elco Pani Puri Centre at Hill Road Bandra (West) . She used to insist that I take her shopping to Hill Road so that she could relish that plate of Dahi Batata Puri. And so sometimes we would just head out to Hill Road for some shopping and to satisfy my her real craving . In fact in those days Elco Pani Puri Centre wasn’t even such an organised or proper shop. It was only known as Elco Market in which there were many shops selling ladies clothes etc. And outside the Market there were these stalls where you could buy all kinds of street food ranging from dosas to juices and bhel puri etc. I also remember there was a small Sai Baba Mandir there.

    1. I remember the bhelpuri wallah just outside the Elco Market. I used to go all the way there with my late wife as she shopped in a small shop inside for blouses and dresses. While she would shop, I would have the bhel/sev puri outside. Bandra was a very different place then as there was always plenty of parking space available. It is no longer like that. Sad.

  3. Although I probably wouldn’t eat either of those, I know a thing or two about cravings. I’ll drive upwards of 30 miles to get something I want in the moment. If there’s no parking I’ll call ahead and order it to go or have it delivered. When I need it, I NEED it. šŸ™‚
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  4. They both look wonderful. And how lovely to have them delivered to your door after you casually expressed a liking for them!

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