15 thoughts on “Crazy II.”

  1. My dear Ramana, I really don’t get that “crazy” craze you and some of your readers go in for. Let’s leave aside that it sounds slightly coquettish: Oohh, look at me, I am crazy, I am nuts (Jean), I am … let’s not go there (poor Nick has enough of the world’s plights on his shoulders to all but crack under the strain).

    Of course, if any of you are after absolution, please do have mine. In spades. Other than that: Has any one of you ever had a psychotic episode? No? Thought not. Not so funny then. Not that the momentarily deranged will necessarily witness their own madness. Pity the by-stander.

    Ursula recently posted..Less haste more speed

  2. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be quiet enough, and I frequently get bemused looks from people who clearly find my opinions way outside their comfort zone. Of course I’m only “crazy” in the “not like the rest of us” sense. I knew someone who was a diagnosed schizophrenic for 30 years until she finally killed herself. That’s a very different and tragic crazy.
    nick recently posted..Shifting memories

  3. it seems now that every terrible thing done in the news… at least in our country here…
    is followed by the statement that the person is mentally ill.
    are they really ‘crazy’ as you call it? or do they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re just mean? it makes a good defense…
    being crazy. it’s wearisome. mental illness and guns don’t mix.
    but if you meant… fun crazy…. or is it maybe just extreme eccentricity?
    there’s surely a little of THAT in all of us!
    tammy j recently posted..a toast to life

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