This post is dedicated to Nick in whose blog post this exchange took place.

Me: “At the individual level, many of my well wishers have been telling me for decades that I am in need of psychiatric help. One of these days, I may as well seek some.”

Nick : “I could probably do with some psychiatric help myself, so anyone suggesting as much is not going to offend me in the slightest.”

16 thoughts on “Crazy!”

  1. The general rule of thumb is that those who are most in need of seeing a psychiatrist are the ones who major in psychiatry. You visit the psychiatrist if you feel a need to pay someone to empathize with your condition. Fortunately, the internet can provide a lot of this kind of help for free.
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  2. It’s puzzling that here in the UK it’s currently considered totally offensive to suggest someone needs psychiatric help but not offensive at all to suggest they need to see a doctor.
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  3. I’ve tried this kind of help and all they did was throw some pills/potions my way which didn’t help at all – until I STOPPED taking them…

    Of course my problems weren’t related to calling a public person- political or other – “names” and getting myself some media advertising for me personally 🙂 strange way to garner public support if the elections are on the cards!

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