Creative Blogger Award.


Holly has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award and I am overwhelmed.  Thank you Holly.

Naturally, there are rules to accepting the Creative Blogger Award:

  1. Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers.
  3. Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify them.
  4. Pass on the rules.

I have decided to break the rule number 3, because I have done this before and I don’t want to trouble too many people.  This time around, I will nominate people who may just enjoy being nominated.

Five facts about me.

1.  I am an eggetarian.  For the uninitiated, that means, I eat eggs but otherwise am a vegetarian.

2.  I have recently been wondering why I have never come across any woman who wanted to seduce me.

3.  I do not share my birthday on facebook but this year my son posted photograph of me cutting a birthday cake on his wall, which caused a whole lot of people  to greet me and more importantly, two persons shared that they shared the same birthday with me!

4.  I am a voracious reader with eclectic tastes.  Right now, I am reading “While The Gods Play.

5.  I live in Pune, India.

I nominate the following five bloggers for the award.

1.  Nick Here And Now.  Nick defies description.  He can be funny or serious and sometimes very provocative.  He has got a very vociferous readership which makes his site quite an interesting one to visit.

2.  My Observations.  A fairly recent blogger who is a globetrotter with a weakness for movies.   I enjoy the banter with her on her blog.

3.  Dun-Na-Sead.  Another recent addition to the blog world writes some amazingly creative blogs though she,  by and large restricts her blogging to the weekly Loose Bloggers Consortium posts every Friday.  My readers are familiar with the LBC and I am not elaborating here.

4.  Montana Moments. A remarkable blogger who is actually a dog.  A must visit for dog lovers who will understand what goes on in a dog’s life.  Montana inspired our own Chutki to set up her own blog too, though the latter is lazier and does not blog as much as Montana does.

5.  Business To The Buddha.  This blogger is a young dynamic business executive who is sure to achieve great things in his life.  He is trying to balance his material ambitions with a call to spiritualism and can be very thought provoking.

Happy blogging you five and thank you once again Holly.



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