“Repetition gives a semblance of credibility to even the most outlandish lies.”

Please don’t ask me to elaborate.  There are too many lies and half-truths in our public life going around that I cannot even grade them for their vileness.  I am sure that all my readers, irrespective of where they live will agree that sadly this is the case in all public life.

28 thoughts on “Credibility.”

  1. That term ‘Trust me’ gives me the shivers. I knew a man near where I live who used it almost at the end of every sentence. I often wondered if he was trying to convince himself… his actions never lived up to his words. Eventually I told him that I would not trust him as far as I could throw him and that was not far, since he was a heavier build than I was!

    1. That the phrase is used in a derogatory way is known to me but when I wrote the blog, it had not occurred to me to include that as well! I am glad that you commented on it in that sense.

  2. Very true that repetition lends credibility. And also that if you throw enough mud, some of it sticks. The classic example here is the Tory lie that the Labour government caused the financial crash. The Tories just kept on repeating it over and over until many people ceased to question it.
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  3. So very true. We have an albatross, a huge hydro electric project, that all the pols are lying about. They are bankrupting our province.

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  4. whenever that comes out in the news, particularly if it’s the pol—ics – here it usually means that some “act” is going through to “pass” stage and that doesn’t sit well with the citizens…

    right now we are in the bl**dy flag saga! I know I shouldn’t say that about our national flag but it’s become a bl**dy farce…and will continue into next year when another refendrum is thrown at us….

      1. WoW – you probably know more than me! I did the postal vote and I followed my own instincts on which one – you didn’t have to vote for all 5, but many didn’t read the voting paper properly…and did just that voted 1-5 with 1 being their first choice!

        1. I think I said somewhere else, the flag saga raced around many groups I’m in – some got very hot under the collar, whilst others couldn’t care less…

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