13 thoughts on “Crossword Puzzles.”

  1. that picture is heartbreaking. a little child especially. but to have no legs and be poor and on the street. it shows well what you’re talking about.
    there is always someone who has it worse than we do isn’t there? always.
    I once shocked a co-worker when I talked of Bob’s death as tragic yes but not as bad as some people have it.
    it seemed to make her angry at me and she asked me why I could ever think that. he was full of cancer by then.
    but he died in a modern clean hospital. he was given morphine for the pain. his family and I were there all around him. he was deeply loved. and he knew our love until the end. even in his morphine haze.
    there are people who are homeless and in terrible pain and have no one who loves them or will miss them. they’d perhaps lived desperate lives and then they die terrible deaths all alone.
    in my way I was trying to tell her it’s that same difference in having no legs.
    tammy j recently posted..really? who knew!

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