It all started with a blog post from eclectica called The Trumpet Project. I commented there as: “As strange as it may appear to you, despite having travelled extensively in the UK, Australia etc, I have never had crumpets. I shall remedy that immediately as they are available here too and may be write a blog post about it.” Kylie responded: “I’ll be interested to hear how you like them. Ive heard them compared to Murtabak, which you might know. Murtabak is far superior in my opinion.”

So, I went to Uncle Google and sought crumpets in Pune online and lo and behold found that a young lady friend of mine Mitali who calls herself “Homebaker” makes and markets them in Pune. I contacted her and she sent some earlier today for lunch.

I added generous pats of butter and thoroughly enjoyed eating them accompanied by some delicious South Indian curry.

One item that never went into my bucket list and one that will not, now that I have had them.

Mitali has also offered to make crumpets with honey or jam in them and the next project will be those.

One item however has gone into my bucket list and that is Murtabak. Long live Google Uncle and perhaps I shall be able to write another blog post soon.

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  1. Always have to make these. One of my favourite breakfast items. Thank you for reaching out to me for crumpets. They go well with gravies, or simply cream and jam 😇

  2. I’m glad you had a source of crumpets and enjoyed them! I thought murtabak was an Indian food so I suspected you may have tried it. I see it is more of a middle eastern food, adopted by muslim communities in other places. The things you learn!

    1. I have found a source for Murtabak here and will have it for lunch on Friday when my daughter in love will also be at home. It is also fortuitous that they supply a vegetarian apart from a chicken variety as I am a vegetarian.

  3. Ramana,
    I have been eating Crumpets from 1970 when I first landed in Toronto. Crumpet was a standard available in all grocery stores. the attraction was it felt and to a large extend tasted like a thick “UTTAPPAM”. Though it was commonly eaten at tea time, as you know , we South Indian Ayer folks always improvise, so the following were the tastiest outcomes!!!
    1) Nicely toasted, buttered with lots of ” Thangam Vadu mango pickle Gravy” !!!!
    2) set of nicely toasted , buttered crumpets with Spicy Potato PODIMASS… best sandwich !!!
    3) The ultimate crumpet dish is ” CRUMPET UPPUMMA”!!!!. This is the favorite dish with all my Canadian and American friends!!! They have given up eating crumpets with Jam and butter!!! it is simple to make crumpet uppumma… like the regular uppumma, sauté onions, green chilies, ginger and mustard seeds and instead of adding Cream of wheat, cut crumpets into 1 inch square pieces and mix them with the sauted onions and slowly cook them for 10 to 15 minutes in low flame to get some crisp . No water at all. You will go to heaven!!!
    The British way back in 1656 in Chennai ate the Uttappam with “JAM & BUTTER” and now in 2021 the south indian Ayers in London eat Crumpets as crumpet Uppumma!!.
    Its all Localization!!!

  4. I must say this since I’ve tasted it many times and make it a point to do so during every visit of mine to Raju’s place.
    Raju’s crumpet Upma is way beyond heaven. It’s a fusion that takes it to another level….it’s in the Michelin star league, cuisine food. Really. He’s master it.
    During the last lockdown his crumpets inspired me to learn how to make them. They magically turned out very good. I feel hot crumpets with just butter is considered awesome.
    But Crumpet Upma is the ultimate. Till you try it you’ll never know 😊

  5. I’ve never heard of a crumpet with a savoury topping!

    It’s got to be toasted, spread with butter and something like honey, maple syrup, or golden syrup and eaten hot! So that it oozes in all directions…

    Earlier this year, I had to have a special diet for a week with no bread products but I could have crumpets – I bought 3 x 6 packs. I didn’t get through all of them, but in the end, I was completely over them. I can’t have them now, issues – but – I know I couldn’t eat them over and over…a treat.

    I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them, Ramana – they are very, very British 🙂
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Shortages…life and groceries

    1. I had heard of them Catherine, just never had occasion to eat them. Anyone who grew up with Enid Blyton simply had to know what crumpets were. The curry was incidental. I was having curry for lunch anyway and crumpets just happened.

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