Customer Service – 3.

In the process of trying to get my Health Card, I discovered that my Aadhar Card was not linked to my telephone number.

My son decided to get it linked and went to two places to find that I personally had to go so that my biometric details can also be updated. One of the places was The Kotak Mahindra Bank within our neighbourhood to which I could go as I did not have to climb many staircases to reach the counter.

I duly went there escorted by my son and was promptly attended to by a very friendly person in charge of the operations. Despite considerable problems with the software used to register all my details, he persisted, and got the process completed within a few minutes.

He was polite, considerate for my physical limitations and very efficient. To say the least, I was very impressed having had bad experiences with some other banks in the past.

I hope that someone from the Kotak Mahindra Bank reads this and passes my appreciation and gratitude to the person concerned and their own excellent ambience and organisation.

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  1. Hello Rummy,

    I had no idea you were this debilitated: I am so sorry to hear this.
    So, even there you have to link your phone to all public services, huh? Here is the same. I also sent my mum to Social Security Offices to link her phone so that she can access online services…Oy vey!
    On a slight different note, it’s incredible what happens if we lose our phone: it seems like our whole life is in…imagine if you have 2FA codes there, it’s a mess.

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    1. I am quite well unless I undertake any strenuous physical activity. I simply get out of breath and need some time to recover. The climbing of the staircase and a stretch of walking caused this. Nothing to worry.

      Yes, our lives are now completely connected with our mobile phones and it is indeed frightening to think what will happen if one loses it.

  2. Having spent decades in the customer service business as a technical support agent at RdioShack I am always interested in customer service agents and the entire experience. Here in the USA, we are often confronted with offshore phone support and it varies wildly by location. I have found the best ti be from Jamaica and the worst Mexico and Panama. Rarely these days do I experience support from India though it usually is efficient. It amazes me how bad some customer service can be as it is not rocket science to be friendly and helpful.
    An interesting sidebar – when supervising the computer technical support team for Xenix and database design, one of my best agents was a young fellow named Dinesh Dave. Yep – Dinesh is Indian and has a very thick accent but he was a very bright fellow. Regardless, there were several occasions where customers refused to speak to him and demanded to speak to his supervisor (me). about 90% of those callers suggested I was a liar and just had less of an accent than Dinesh. Again another xemand to further escalate the call. My response was to give the caller the 800 the shqck number and suggest when answeered they request transfer to Chuck in Xenix support and he could assist them, ImGINE their response when that call rang back through to me.

    1. There was a time when I was considered to be the father of what we called TCS for Total Customer Satisfaction in the company where I was able to bring about some change in attitudes with that thrust. I can relate to your experiences as I have had similar ones too.

  3. Technology in a way makes it easier but also more difficult.

    I’ve been trying, and now given up for now, to access My Health ??? to do with my covid-vax within my phone app of the Covid Tracker thing! I think A or T will be able to sort that out, when it completely needed – but I know when I was trying to deal with my “gold card changeover” I ended up having to have the local MP sort it out!

    Good to hear, your issues were all sorted out …
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  4. I hear you. I can’t upload my vaccination record either from my phone app or from the web, I get terrible messages or spins or sorry site down, but never a solution. I will have to hand the problem over to my greandniece.

    I had lovely service at the bank last week too, why on earth are we so surprised? Because most service sucks. Bell Telephone here is appalling. (and they loudly sponsor mental health week every year!)


    1. You are right. We are surprised when we get good service because, by and large, we do not get it. Just take a look at my latest on my experience with an online book seller.

  5. That sounds like excellent customer service. I had to ring my bank the other day to ask why my debit card had been rejected by two different cash machines. After I had been on hold for 30 minutes I gave up and rang off. Luckily the debit card is now working okay.

  6. In instances like this I would make a facebook post detailing what great service the bank offered and tag the bank. Corporations are quite sensitive about their social media presence

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