Customer Service – 3.

In the process of trying to get my Health Card, I discovered that my Aadhar Card was not linked to my telephone number.

My son decided to get it linked and went to two places to find that I personally had to go so that my biometric details can also be updated. One of the places was The Kotak Mahindra Bank within our neighbourhood to which I could go as I did not have to climb many staircases to reach the counter.

I duly went there escorted by my son and was promptly attended to by a very friendly person in charge of the operations. Despite considerable problems with the software used to register all my details, he persisted, and got the process completed within a few minutes.

He was polite, considerate for my physical limitations and very efficient. To say the least, I was very impressed having had bad experiences with some other banks in the past.

I hope that someone from the Kotak Mahindra Bank reads this and passes my appreciation and gratitude to the person concerned and their own excellent ambience and organisation.

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