Customer Service.

I intend writing regularly about good or bad customer service as experienced by me and this will be the first one in that series.

This is to place on record my appreciation for a online merchant who rectified a mistake at their end with a prompt replacement.

I had ordered for a book to be delivered to a friend in Chennai with Hindu e Shop. Instead of sending the book to my friend in Chennai, since I am a frequent buyer, the book was sent to me and I received it yesterday.

I rang them up immediately on receipt and they apologised and promptly arranged for a replacement to be despatched to Chennai yesterday itself and requested me to keep the book received by me as a gift from them to me.

I am impressed.

10 thoughts on “Customer Service.”

  1. So rare these days. I had tried to order a calendar from an Irish artisan and messaged him to tell him his website put me into one of those endless circular clicking nightmares and the order form never showed up. His response? He ships all over the world and never had that problem before, thus pissing me off. My response would have been an apology and an offer to ship directly, bypassing his idiotic website and wasting my time.
    /rant over

    1. I have had similar experiences with automated customer service systems notorious for their ability to frustrate customers. I hope to come across some in the future about which too I shall write in my new series.

  2. I look forward to your posts on what is a very contentious subject! Like most people I’ve had customer service that’s varied from superb to appalling. And yes, it seems to be getting gradually worse. Too many companies seem to provide indifferent service as the norm, and they only provide better service when the customer complains loudly.

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