Customer Service – 4.

I wanted to buy a book from an online seller Flipkart just a while ago.

I found the book and tried to place an order and the screen simply froze after I entered my email address as required. I tried this a number of times and finally in exasperation went seeking help.

That was another nightmare as this particular problem is not listed in their alternatives of problems listed and there is no way to talk to them to explain. The only way I could contact them is what they call ‘the old fashioned way’ by mail.

I simply gave up in disgust and found another online seller.

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  1. I’ve had the same problem with my phone company’s website. I just use them for the internet and have had the line go out several times over the past several years.

    When I try to contact them via another internet access method, I can’t get through to customer service. Very frustrating.

    Then I remember that their customer service doesn’t work well with the browser I use, so I try another one and, shazam, it works.

    I just need to remember that the next time I need their customer service. I prefer contacting via chat, if possible, because it always seems to take forever when I try to get them on the phone.
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    1. Mechanising customer service has resulted in this frequently experienced phenomenon. It is cheaper than actual people answering calls but, the organisations seem not to care about the long term relationship with its customers.

    1. Frankly, I don’t know the difference between hardware and software glitches but, I am not surprised that you too have had this problem. Some very capable geeks that I know get quite frustrated with poor mechanised customer service.

  2. I had that experience which ordering an Irish calendar I wanted. Complained to the seller, small artisan, that the website just went into an endless spin. His response? “no other customers have this problem.”

    Wow, how helpful. NOT. Me? I would have offered a direct transaction. He just lost $40 and I won’t be back.


  3. I’ve had a lot of problems with online ordering. The screen freezes or I can’t work out how to get onto the next page or I want to amend something I’ve entered but can’t. Now I avoid online ordering unless there’s absolutely no alternative.

  4. what annoys me a little with online ordering is that somewhere along the way – a text is sent with always some little number I need to put in the online ordering box! Then later I might find an email asking me “if I wanted to do xyz”

    appointments are made by phone and then a text comes with “time of appt” – then another one the day before about stuff, especially now with lockdown repairs – after the dude had gone a lengthy text about this and that….
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