Customer Service – 5.

Nick commented on my post Customer Service – 4 as “I’ve had a lot of problems with online ordering. The screen freezes or I can’t work out how to get onto the next page or I want to amend something I’ve entered but can’t. Now I avoid online ordering unless there’s absolutely no alternative.”

SAW as”Just this morning my husband had to call a place half a dozen times to leave a message – the phone program would just hang up on him!”

Mike as “I’ve had the same problem with my phone company’s website. I just use them for the internet and have had the line go out several times over the past several years.

When I try to contact them via another internet access method, I can’t get through to customer service. Very frustrating.

Then I remember that their customer service doesn’t work well with the browser I use, so I try another one and, shazam, it works.

I just need to remember that the next time I need their customer service. I prefer contacting via chat, if possible, because it always seems to take forever when I try to get them on the phone.”

These comments reminded me of this cartoon.

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