Customer Service – 5.

Nick commented on my post Customer Service – 4 as “I’ve had a lot of problems with online ordering. The screen freezes or I can’t work out how to get onto the next page or I want to amend something I’ve entered but can’t. Now I avoid online ordering unless there’s absolutely no alternative.”

SAW as”Just this morning my husband had to call a place half a dozen times to leave a message – the phone program would just hang up on him!”

Mike as “I’ve had the same problem with my phone company’s website. I just use them for the internet and have had the line go out several times over the past several years.

When I try to contact them via another internet access method, I can’t get through to customer service. Very frustrating.

Then I remember that their customer service doesn’t work well with the browser I use, so I try another one and, shazam, it works.

I just need to remember that the next time I need their customer service. I prefer contacting via chat, if possible, because it always seems to take forever when I try to get them on the phone.”

These comments reminded me of this cartoon.

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  1. I don’t order. someday I shall probably have to.
    til then everyone’s horror story gives me pause!
    that cartoon made me laugh.

    1. Last week, I went to our local home improvement store to buy some wire to use to support some berry vines in our garden. I went to every place in the store I could think of. A couple of store employees tried to help me after I already looked and took me to every place I had already looked. The wire was nowhere to be found, though their inventory said there was supposed to be over 50 rolls in one of the locations it wasn’t.

      I could have gone to other stores, but after going around and around in that big store, I wasn’t up to it.

      It took me 5 minutes to order it online. It arrived yesterday.

      I need one more metal fence post for the project. I KNOW where those are.

  2. “Your call is not important to us. If you get tired of holding on, then ring off. There are plenty of other customers out there.”

  3. cartoon – fun!

    and then there are the phone services with “accounts press 1, sales press 2 and repeating until I can find not a single option that is useful” – so I hang up, redial and then hit “press 1” telling that person that I’ve no time to wait through “press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6” could they transfer me! Once upon a time “other, press 6” was in play…but not much of late.

    When my shopping order didn’t come with garbage tags, I couldn’t find their 0800# because it appeared for the duration of the lockdown, it didn’t exist! Email or Ask Olive only in play….
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..5 @ auditioning

    1. Those drive me crazy too and I usually give up. Other than Kindle books, I don’t generally buy anything online now as other faster and more efficient services are available here.

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