Customer Service At Stanchart Bank – II.

Here is why I believe that SCB thinks that I am stupid and ignorant.

While my exchange of mails regarding my May bill was still in progress, rather my reminders were going without any responses, I received a phone alert on the 22nd inst, that my June bill was due for payment. I promptly arranged for the payment even without a bill and took the fresh matter all over again with them.

Finally on Monday, one Customer Care person telephoned me and wanted to know my email id. It finally dawned on them that they had been sending my ebills to another gmail account with a name similar to mine but with a slight difference in spelling. I am amazed! I can’t understand that someone has been receiving my ebills without letting SCB know that he is not the credit card holder! I first wondered if that person had been threatened with dire consequences by the bank, but that is unlikely as I had been paying the bills on time to precisely avoid such harassment! Not being able to open the statement without the correct passwords, the recipient must have simply been treating those mails all this while as spam.

In the meanwhile the hard copy of the bill sent by post by the bank with posting date as 23.05.2012 also was delivered to me on the 25th inst, which can be directly attributed to the postal department. But, the hard copy for June is yet to be received and I doubt that SCB has investigated with the postal department or taken up the matter with them.

In retrospect, I ask myself whether I am the ignorant and stupid person or the data entry operator who made the mistake and / or the four different Customer Care persons who have been writing to me so far, without fully investigating the complaint, are.

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