Customer Service – Quantity

Customer Service – Quantity.
We defined it as delivering the right quantity to the customer. This is a very touchy area of customer service. That is because, the manufacturer has his own problems of economic production lot quantities and other constraints whereas the customer has equally important constraints.

The trick is in getting a viable median with clear communications from both sides as to what is possible and what is not and both sides adhering to the compromise. This is the process that takes place before the proper contract to supply is entered into, and after this process is over, the onus of meeting the contracted terms of conditions rest squarely with the supplier.

There is also the possibility of loss in transit due to rough handling, transportation problems etc, and while these may indeed be factors beyond the control of the supplier, it is up to him to ensure that sufficient cushion is builit in at the time of packing to ensure that the customer receives the quantity that he has contracted to purchase.

Here too, despite all possible precautions, things can go wrong and proper complaint redressal mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that the customer gets a proper treatment that will satisfy him and the remedial measures taken will solve his problems.

Here to the summary will read as:

1. Promise a quantiity that meets the customer’s expectation.
2. Deliver the promised quantity.
3. Seek to avoid complaints about quantity by taking all such steps as necessary before the product/service reaches the customer.
4. Anticipate that despite such precautions, the quantity occasionally may not meet the promised parameters. Put in a complaint redressal mechanism that immediately resolves the issue raised by the customer.
5. Ensure that the interface of the seller with the customer takes responsibility for the deviation to the quantity of the product/service and assures the customer that the complaint will receive the attention that it deserves and that the customer can expect a satisfying response within a specified period.