Customer Service – The hard and the soft aspects.

We now come to the bigger picture of achieving Total Customer Service (TCS). Having looked at the elements that go into all expectations of customers from suppliers of goods and services, let us look at the action part of the program.

There are two elements to running any endeavor, be it business, a non-profit, or even just a home. The basic elements do not change and the differences will be in the details. The two elements are the Hard Area of systems, procedures, processes and implementation; and the Soft Area of the human element involved.

The Hard Element:

There are a number of ready-made solutions available that put in the proper systems procedures etc, like Enterprise Resource Planning, Total Accounting Packages, International Standards Organization’s Certification process etc. All these follow the principle of documenting what is done and doing what is documented to bring about a system in the running of any endeavor. As one goes along gaining experience, fine tuning constantly keeps taking place to improve effectiveness and efficiency, which again are documented and implemented. This process enables efficient operations and all concerned are usually expected to study and be completely familiar with the processes and procedures as recorded in manuals of operations.

Such documented and scrupulously followed systems and processes can produce good results if somewhat mechanical ones. It is however to be appreciated that the implementation is by human beings and this is where we shall concentrate our focus on in our future posts.