Daily Blogging.

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Since I am unable to blog daily it is obvious that I am not a genius. Now for the rest of the message, my readers can decide who is “yourself”.

15 thoughts on “Daily Blogging.”

  1. oh shackman. LOLOL!
    well. i haven’t thought of you so much as a genius really.
    more of a guru.
    i think i used to blog most every day when i first got it and it was like a new toy.
    now i do well to post every few days. . . and as recently as every few weeks!
    tammy j recently posted..labels

  2. When I first started I posted twice a week, once on each of my blogs. Then I dropped stresstopower and have been blogging at cheerfulmonk every day for the past two years (almost, started August 14, 2013). It has nothing to do with dispensing wisdom, I do it for myself. I’m more involved reading articles when I’m thinking about how I would talk about them in posts.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Our Cell Phone Keyboard

  3. Since you have so kindly nominated me as a creative blogger, Ramana, I will now endow all within the reading public of this blog with creativity. Poof. You are all creative. Or frogs. And I….ribbit, ribbit….

  4. I have much difficulty with the word “daily” that in the end I decided that I would do it occasionally when I really had something positive to say…or show my art when I have any that is either finished or WIP

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