Daily Routine.

A fellow blogger and  well-wisher,  Jean mailed me to ask if all was well with me as I had not been writing blog posts since early October. I had responded with:

“I am hale and hearty and enjoying being a couch potato.

I have not come up with anything to write about recently. I read your posts every day.

Thank you for asking.


Since then I had seriously been considering coming up with some ideas every now and then to blog more regularly and a golden opportunity presented itself with two running holidays for our newspapers following our five day long Deepavali festival.

As my readers know, my morning routine includes reading five newspapers and solving seven crossword puzzles. I was totally lost during the two days when the newspapers did not arrive and was quite frustrated trying to occupy myself with something else. It is a wonder that I survived.

The delivery of daily newspapers recommenced this morning and I am back on even keel. So much so that I indulged myself with a pedicure/foot massage and a hair cut/beard trim/ head massage as I was lucky to find a noon slot with the pedicurist.

I am feeling great with that indulgence and will now give serious thought to finding things to write about more often.

8 thoughts on “Daily Routine.”

  1. It’s good that you are still doing well.

    We really don’t have decent newspapers in our area and haven’t for years, so I wouldn’t have anything to miss if they stopped publishing for a holiday. The biggest newspaper in Arkansas stopped delivering newspapers outside the metropolitan areas several years ago. Instead, they provided all subscribers with an electronic tablet for reading that paper’s news. The local paper has had very little local content for a very long time and is very thin. The new managing editor, Travis Simpson, is trying to change that, but it’s an uphill fight.
    Mike Goad recently posted..Connecticut town on the sea

    1. I suppose that if our newspapers also followed suit, I will eventually get used to being without them as I have got used to a number of things since my retirement. It is just that three to four hours every day is taken up by them and I find it hard to find things to do during those hours.

  2. Ramana:
    Your recent post reminds me of the fact that I am still on Hiatus from my blog site. One day I wake up and want to start blogging again and the next day I wake up and say to myself – but have you come up with anything worthwhile writing about?

    It isn’t that I have a lot of blog followers which really isn’t all that important to me as I write because it makes me feel good. I am sure you will agree, if we aren’t happy with ourselves and what we are doing day in and day out, what’s the point.

    Oh well, perhaps tomorrow I will wake with a wild and crazy idea about what to write and will be back in business.

    Take care my friend,

  3. I’ve got a bit tired of writing more than once a week – even though at the end of some days, I’ve a lot to say.

    Plus I haven’t been “making as much” other than back to sifting and sorting. Like in “what shall I do with this”? Particularly as I’ve downsized a lot of my things in certain arenas. I told the lady at the op-shop that I was done but actually I’ve found some more things, particularly nice things … but there other shops of that nature, that means I get further away from home.

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