Dallas Buyers Club.


I am writing this post while the impact of the film is still buzzing around in my brain. Manjiree and Ranjan had seen it a long time ago and had been telling me to see it but somehow or the other, I simply had not been able to find the time or the inspiration to see it, the lack of inspiration, because when it was released here in India, I had read brief write ups and had somehow come to believe that it was about drug dealers and drug dealing. It is not. It is about drugs for AIDS.

I finally got around to seeing it earlier this evening.

I am deeply affected. Every once in a while a film comes along that with its brutal honesty and amazing presentation does that to me and this one just did.

The story essentially is brought to life by three characters and none of the actors performing those roles were known to me. But all three, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto produce remarkable performances under some superb direction.

The story unravels well and the affection for the protagonists grows gradually till the climax when one says “phew!” That the story is based on real life people and events makes it a very poignant one to watch on screen.

If you have not seen it, please make it a point to. You will understand why I recommend it when you do. Till then, you can satisfy yourself with the take about the film from this Wikipedia write-up.

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  1. thanks – for the reminder of early HIV intervention – having known a fair number of mainly men here in NZ (long tale, long ago, not all that inspiring as such…not the HIV part but other aspects of that life)

    if you had the money you had almost a guarantee of a higher survival…

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