Dashed Hopes!

A friend who lives in the deep rural part of India, rang me up to find him a good Bariatrist as he was having a massive obesity problem. He tilts the scales at over 160 Kgs.

I called up my cousin who is a very senior physician and sought his advise. I specified the problem to him and he promptly searched around and came back with a recommendation to a clinic close to the place where my friend lives along with the name of the bariatrist.

He also told me that the bariatrist and his entire team were very keen to see the patient as they had never met someone like that before. I asked what was peculiar about my friend and my cousin said that a dwarf with an obesity problem weighing that much has not been seen by them ever.

I was stumped and sought clarification as to what prompted the conclusion that my friend was a dwarf. My cousin told me that I had specified that. I was stumped again and iterated that my friend was six feet two inches tall. It was my cousin’s turn to be stumped as he confessed that he had misheard me to say sixty two inches tall!

Poor bariatrist and his team. They cannot now write scholarly papers on the unusual patient that they treated!

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