Dawat e Ishq.


Ramesh insisted that we see a Hindi film and he was fascinated with this film because it is from the stables of Yash Raj Films. He is also besotted with Parineeti Chopra which only added to his keenness to see it. Since I had to shop for some personal items, and since the theater is in a very popular mall, I agreed to go with him and wish that I had not.

By that I do not mean that I did not like the movie. I could have spent the time more usefully elsewhere is all that I imply. An experienced writer and three very likeable actors in very effective roles have been wasted in a storyline that is powerful in concept but very weak and trivialised in execution. The dowry menace and the misuse of Section IPC 498A could have been treated more powerfully instead of this trivialisation and totally unbelievable conclusion.

I however enjoyed seeing Hyderabad and hearing Hyderabadi Urdu; and another great Indian city, Lucknow, currently the residence of my rakhi sister. Scenes from both took me down memory lanes and that was the only redeeming feature of the film. The music and dance sequences were less than adequate and noisy and so I can give only [rating=3] rating.  Ramesh and I have decided that we will both take a train trip soon to visit Lucknow. Maria, get the red carpet ready.

2 thoughts on “Dawat e Ishq.”

  1. a train trip! can hardly wait for the post or any pictures on that one!
    how i love trains. all trains.
    the worst thing my country did was to get rid of most all of the passenger trains. even amtrak is having a hard time always staying solvent. i don’t know what’s wrong with americans and train travel.
    it’s the BEST! i’d rather take a train than a plane any day.
    especially now. i’ve heard real horror stories of plane travel lately.
    people with their bare feet in your face . . . clipping fingernails and toenails . . . undressing totally . . . SO GROSS !!!!
    tammyj recently posted..big sur

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