Day 1, 2015. I Am Not A Spring Chicken.

The first thing of importance that I saw on this glorious first day of 2015 is this photograph in my phone’s messaging service. After an exhausting new year’s eve celebration the two lovely ladies in my life just now, Manjiree and Chutki. ┬áThe latter obviously had more exhausting things to do than the former! I love the way the day and the new year has started.


For me the last day of 2014 was significant for a consultation with my physician who has now put me on a regime of medication and diets to be strictly observed till the 1st of April. I organised the medicines with some hiccups as the chemist who delivers them at home for me had to source them from the city which he did and while doing so got the potency mixed up and had to go back and exchange them.

Any way, 2015 starts with no resolution made by me but forced on me by a totally unexpected development. No, it is nothing serious or major but something that I was not expecting, but as my physician and friend pointed out, I am no longer a spring chicken and such developments will take place with increasing frequency henceforth and that I should be prepared to take pills along with my food like a lot of the people in my life do and which I had not done so far.

When I shared this news with my family and close friends, the whole lot of them said, almost gleefully I may add, the same thing. Can you believe that? It seems to me that there is a conspiracy to point out to me that I am an old man!


If this is not AGEISM, I don’t know what is.

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