Dead End Street.

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I was born in a city the called the ‘Windy City’
And they call it the ‘Windy City’ because of the ‘Hawk’. All mighty Hawk
Talking about Mr. Wind kind of mean around winter time
I happen to live on a street that was a dead-end street
There was nothing to block or buffer the wind, the elements
Keep them from knocking my pad down, Jim I mean really socking it to me
And the boiler would bust and the heat was gone
I would have to get fully dressed before I could go the bed
Put everything on but my goulashes cause they had buckles on them
And my folks didn’t play that said don’t you be getting up in there with
Buckles on them goulashes and tear up my bed clothes but I was fortunate
As soon as I was big enough to get a job save me enough money to buy me a ticket I split
I got myself together now so I’m going back there to see about it see if it’s still the same
I just wanted to tell you about it, you know it’s all right

They say this is a big rich town I live in the poorest part
I was raised on a dead-end street in a city without a heart
I learned to fight before I was six only way I could get along
But when you’re raised on a dead-end street you have to be tough and strong
Now all the guys are always getting in trouble that the way it’s always been
But when the odds are all against you how can you win
I’m gonna push my way out of here ever thou I can’t say when
But I’m gonna get off of this dead-end street and I ain’t never gonna coma back again
I’m gonna push my way out of here ever thou I can’t say when
But I’m gonna get off of this dead-end street
And I ain’t never gonna come back to live here again
Never, No I ain’t gonna come back here to live on this dead-end street no more
Cause I’m gonna get me a job, I’m gonna save my dough
Get away from here you-all, I ain’t gonna come back no more
Not ever, dead-end street
I tired of breaking my back gonna start using my mind
Tired of working all of the time
I say there’s trouble down there
I say there’s trouble down there
I say there’s trouble down there yeah
Down off a dead-end street
Down off a dead-end street


21 thoughts on “Dead End Street.”

  1. Once lived in a dead end street in Bangalore years ago …liked it since there was no passing traffic ! A deadened street if you like ! 🙂

      1. # 10 Edward Rd in the cul de sac was sold in 2010 to Prestige Group , after WTD’s career also reached a dead end ( he was much more “mild” when I met him in the UK later in 1995 ! We lived in another # 10 – Carleston Rd ( not a dead end lane ) Cooke Town , How can one forget the Drummond parties – esp one where you announced that you had a dog named ” Subbu” ! 🙂 Also remember the Airbus A 320 crash with Mr & Mrs Bell – we had gone out for lunch and returned to hear the tragic news !

  2. the windy city… chicago.
    bad when lou rawls lived on his dead end street… and just as bad now.
    nothing’s changed for those who live on those particular streets.
    the beautiful picture of the cul de sac on your post… would have been heaven to him no doubt! i always liked lou rawls.
    tammyj recently posted..go ahead. make my day!

  3. I don’t think I have ever lived in a true dead end street but I have driven up a few, assuming that would be attached to another street…

    A lot of earlier housing estates in Auckland were constructed in a loopy sort of system where cul de sac was common – with maybe only a walkway to another similar dead end street…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Queenstown, South Island

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