Come Thursday evenings and that is exactly how I feel. The Friday deadline for the LBC posts hangs over my head like a Damocles Sword. But almost always, my Muse makes it possible for me to meet the deadline. Having said that, let me share a story.

On last Friday, my young friend Srinivas suggested that we meet for a cup of coffee at 4.00 pm, because, he did not want me to miss my daily siesta yet he wanted enough time to spend on a chat before he had to leave for another appointment. It started to rain by about ten minutes to four, so, I took an umbrella and strolled down to our favourite cafe which is conveniently within walking distance from my home. At exactly four I entered the cafe, and sat down to wait for Srinivas.

Srinivas turned up ten minutes later and was most apologetic for the delay and said something remarkable. He said that this was something he found amusing that people of my generation like me and his father where so punctual! Now, the problem is not that Srinivas was late deliberately. He had parked his car outside the gate of my residence to catch me come out so that I would not have to get wet in the rain and waited in vain. He rang me on my phone, which I had conveniently forgotten to take with me. He then asked the watchman to find if I was still at home. When the watchman told him that I had gone off somewhere, he drove down to the cafe. So, I did compliment Srinivas for being punctual too, and it was nice to see him blush! He told me that he ‘expected’ me to be on time unlike most others that he knew!

Now let us get back to the LBC. Leave aside the old bandicoots who inevitably post before deadline, the younger lot either post late or not at all.

Is this some kind of natural selection process that with the passing of time, the newer generations change values and discipline? Do they operate on flexible dead lines and time tables? Or am I the odd guy around here with quaint old fashioned values of being punctual and meeting deadlines?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where thirteen of us write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Padmum. The twelve other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order, Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, Paul, Shackman, The Old Fossil and Will. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, do give some allowance for that too!

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