Decision Making.

Yesterday I started reading a book which was gifted to me by a friend and a statement caught my eye. “A Professor in a School of Management who has written a book on Decision Making, was offered positions in four different organisations and consulted a friend on which one to choose. The friend smiled and said, “Why ask me? You have written a book on Decision Making.” The Professor responds, “But, this is real life!”.

As it happens so often in my life two things happened one after the other after having read that little vignette.

A class mate from Business School is visiting Pune and, my two classmates residing now in Pune and I met up with him over tea at my club last evening. During the conversations, we naturally talked about our two years at the school and some of the faculty members.

Some Alumni have collected funds for instituting an annual award and the visiting friend suggested to a local friend, an academic, that he should suggest a criteria to decide on awarding a gold medal to an alumnus. This led to some hilarious discussions on decision making and naturally no conclusion could be arrived at.

This morning I received a clip via WhatsApp which led me to an interview with Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame, which too talks about decision making which I am sure will amuse as well as rile some readers.

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  1. Gosh Ramana a man I worked for, oh something like fifty years ago now, told me this exactly. As I wanted to know how he, Grade 10, had transformed a small company into a multi corporate entity in about five years.
    When I started my own small company some thirty years ago now, I remembered that. Family life and any relationships had to go in a big way. There’s no other way of being an entrepreneur with employees to pay. I could write my own book. But I loved it.

    1. Your comments reminds me of another encounter that I had with a Professor of Management many years ago. He had just concluded a lecture on Entrepreneurship and during the Question and Answer session that followed I asked him why a particular case that he had mentioned failed despite the entrepreneur’s considerable experience in Management. He said “Good Managers do not necessarily make good entrepreneurs and vice versa.”

    2. I too had to make that decision a few years ago when I decided to close down an Agency that I ran for a few years. I found that it was simply not worth my while chasing customers for payments.

    3. Me too can relate to your story.

      I work 70+ hours at the age of 62, running a miniscule company.

      What keeps me going is: “I consider everything I do as an offering to the Divine.”

  2. I suspect it relates to strengths and weakness – versus – want and need – and that could go on an on and on if one wanted to – then there is individuals v individual …
    Catherine recently posted..Recovering

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