Democracy II

Ursula in her comment at my earlier post Democracy, had this to ask.

“Seriously: What do you suggest? Unless you are willing to hand me the scepter. Then we’ll have paradise on earth. I will rule the world and we’ll all live happily ever after: Snakes being turned away at the gate. Fancy being consort or at least adviser to Her Ruling Mighty Highness? I myself had worse job offers.”

I can’t resist the temptation to put this cartoon down here.
CalvinII What do I suggest?  I wish that I had an answer to that, that would make sense in today’s world.  There is only one answer and that is to make democracy work as it is supposed to work.  Wikipedia does a reasonably good job of defining that;

Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.”

A pipe dream dear Ursula.

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    1. Thank you Neil. I have indeed read that wonderful book. While historically looked at, the institution certainly looks dynamic, in practice as at present it is is no single form, but a living, breathing organism needing constant cultivation: never still, it only grows or wilts. My observation on that take is that it is now more a cancerous organism that has been hijacked by vested interests than a healthy organism. My prejudice is certainly conditioned by the Indian state of affairs, but globally, I do not find much to cheer about. Keane’s optimism for the future is glossed over more than prescriptive and like all of us he hopes more than is certain that it will flourish. In India, the current scenario, where the federal structure of the nation is bringing its own problems, the weakness of the so called national parties inevtiably leads to coalition governments which consumes so much politicking time that governance suffers. No, I am still unable to be optimistic about democracy.

    1. SAW, I wonder if you have studied the Bhutanese experiment with Gross National Happiness! It has its critics, but I find that the most critical are those conditioned by the so called democrats.

      1. Bhutan has a great record for environmental protection, but a bad one for human rights. From a 2007 article:

        A recent survey carried out by ranked Bhutan second best in its attitude toward ecological issues, but second worst for its humanitarian record.

        The problems have arisen because after observing the social and cultural changes taking place in neighboring countries the Bhutanese government took dramatic and repressive measures to preserve Bhutan’s indigenous Buddhist culture.

        As part of this effort Bhutan expelled its Nepali population. Any person classified as “un-Bhutanese” was asked to leave the country under threat of imprisonment, torture or death.

        My guess is Bhutan’s cultural homogeneity is one reason for the overall happiness.
        Cheerful Monk recently posted..Yay, Kaitlin!

        1. May be, just may be, and don’t take a bazooka to me, cultural homogeneity is the way to go for the future for all countries instead of the totally failed multiculturalism. Adapat and assimilate or get out!

  1. The golden rule eh? The one with the gold makes the rules. Has it ever really been diferent? Are we headed to a cor$porate plutocracy? Are we already there?? Does anybody really care? 

  2. the wizard of oz syndrome.
    like you say… behind the scenes pulling of strings.
    when I think I want to understand it all … and I like your particular answering comments concerning it … and i agree with you … but just as I think I want to be informed … I despair and I find I just want to live my simple little life and be left alone by the demagogues. it is too big. the play is being played out upon the stage. and shakespear’s words were never more pertinent.
    tammyj recently posted..heartache

    1. Tammy, we have illusions of freedom and privacy and at any moment can loose either. Even our so called middle class affluence is an illusion. All of us middle classers keep clicking our heels three times and saying “There is no place like home” every now and then to affirm to ourselves that all is well in this great world of ours.

    1. The other South Indian state Tamil Nadu does well too on the social welfare index. Kerala has very little manufacturing sector and depends heavily on money orders and foreign remittances mostly from the Middle East too. Their agriculture, rubber, cahew, spices, tea etc and fisheries contribute a great deal to their GDP, Very aggressive trade unionism keeps industry away.

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