I have been maintaining for some time now that democracy is dead. We are all being fooled by elections being held regularly and think that we are democracies where as the truth of the matter is that all the so called democracies of the world are nothing but plutocracies.

Replace America with any other democratic country in the world including my glorious mother land and this is true.

8 thoughts on “Democracy?”

  1. I think we’re all just beginning to wake up to this though I’ve known for a long time that our political system is an illusion only. And maybe always was.
    wisewebwoman recently posted..Blog Jam

  2. In fact the U.S. is nominally a republic, not a democracy, not that it makes much difference. Our founding fathers wanted to avoid the mob rule of a true democracy (e.g. Ancient Athens). They expected the elites like themselves would be the leaders. Were they ever surprised.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Yay, Kaitlin!

  3. Democracy is dead? You sound like my son. Ja, heiliges Kanonenrohr (Holy Cannon Shooter). Frankly, both of you are mistaken. Unless either of you can convince me of a better alternative let’s take our little tootsies to the next voting boot. Every four years. And, yes, maybe both of you are right and our vote makes f… all difference – but please do keep this one illusion of mine intact. I like to think that I am in charge of my destiny.

    Seriously: What do you suggest? Unless you are willing to hand me the scepter. Then we’ll have paradise on earth. I will rule the world and we’ll all live happily ever after: Snakes being turned away at the gate. Fancy being consort or at least adviser to Her Ruling Mighty Highness? I myself had worse job offers.

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