Demoiselle Cranes Of Khichan

Srikanth, a neighbour of my sister Padmini recently visited Khichan and shot this video. I am grateful to Srikanth for giving me permission to blog about this.

He had this to say about it – “Khichan village in Rajasthan witnesses every year a unique symbiotic co existence of Man and Birds and a generous sharing of environment and resources . I had read about this and therefore made it an item on my itinerary of my Rajasthan Trip.”

More exhaustive information is available in Wikipedia.

Conrad, here is an instance of interconnectedness!

12 thoughts on “Demoiselle Cranes Of Khichan”

  1. oh rummy!
    what a treasure of nature. many thanks to srikanth for that beautiful film.
    these birds exhibit what mankind does not! in their patient waiting til their turn.
    they are exquisite birds.
    and that this small village is blessed with their visits. well. that’s special.
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  2. Padmini sent it to me earlier today, the cranes are amazing.

    PS. I keep getting messages that I am posting comments too fast. Should I give up?
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  3. Fascinating! But I have to wonder about the effects on the ecosystem. Are there more cranes now because of the feeding? Has that impacted the local wildlife in the countries from which they come? And what would happen if the people could no longer feed them? I wonder about the long term impact.
    Delirious recently posted..Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Turn

    1. I am told that originally, they would destroy the standing crop and that is how the farmer decided to strew some grain in the open space. I do not want to think about what will happen to them in the future. I suppose that the Good Lord will look after them one way or the other.

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