As most of my readers know, me left hip joint has been replaced three times and the right one twice. The right one will sooner than later need a revision as it has already lasted twelve years.

I need to keep my weight down and at the same time ensure that whatever exercise or activity that I undertake is either no or low impact on the hip joints so that the left one does not need to be revised again due to wear and tear and the right one too lasts till I pop off, after the third revision.

My body naturally tends to put on weight, particularly when I am not smoking, and I am not now. I have eliminated all medical possibilities like defective thyroid etc to ensure that all that I need to do is to judiciously manage what I eat and combine it with some exercise that will not put pressure on the hip joints. Walking as an exercise that I was indulging in will only speed up the process of the wear and tear of the right hip prosthesis and so, I have been advised to find an alternative.

After much research, and in consultation with experienced physiotherapists I follow a set of yoga exercises to stay fit and nimble but this is not enough to take off the excess weight that I carry and keep it away. Again in consultation with physiotherapists, one exercising machine was identified and I got my surgeon’s approval to use the machine. On investigation I found that I could use the machine in any gymnasium close to home but could also buy the machine at a cost that would be just equal to two months charges for the use of the gymnasium.

This is the machine.

It offers the following features:
Heavy duty Bike.

· Pedal, Step, Run & Rowing
· 5 Function display computer showing time, speed, Distance & Calories.
· Gives full body work out in just 20 minutes.
· Micro tension Controller.
· Adjustable seat.

I bought the machine and it has been installed in my bedroom in a safe place where I won’t accidentally bump into it and I started to use it on Tuesday evening.

I have not been able to get any where near twenty minutes which is the goal, but in the six sessions that I have had on it, I have been able to reach ten minute work outs with a break after five minutes of fairly vigorous working out.

What however has happened is that in the process, I have discovered some muscles in my body that I did not know existed earlier. I am told that the soreness that I now experience will go away with regular exercising and that I just have to keep at it.

Before I am asked, I weighed myself before I started using the exerciser. I weighed 100 Kgs. The goal is to reach and stay at 80 Kgs. I shall keep my readers posted on the progress I make.

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  1. Sounds great ! Good luck with that ! PS : I notice Max User weight 100 Kgs …..just saying !

    1. Yes, my surgeon too pointed that out to me and I answered that all the more motivating to use it to keep the total under the maximum allowed.

  2. My husband and I were in Hong Kong for a couple of days this week. We did a lot more walking than normal, and we can feel it! One day we had a bowl of noodles for lunch, then had to walk a long way to get to our hotel. I told my husband this must be how the chinese stay so slim. But I want to get in to shape so that I can continue to have these adventures and have the energy I need to go the distance!
    Delirious recently posted..Luck for you!

    1. You see this phenomenon in all the big cities in India too. Except for the wealthy and the nouveau-riche who use automobiles, the rest of the population using public transport and having to walk a few kilometers every day seem to be trim and healthy.

  3. my goodness rummy. it seems they should surely last longer than they do. good grief. it’s not like you’re a long distance runner. one should simply be able to walk a normal amount to live life!
    i watched a program last night on public television. our best channel for quality entertainment and informative information. i think this was a british study. mike mosely. he’s written a book about ‘the fasting diet.’
    it may have been what you were talking about on your former post.
    it fascinated me. his most weight loss and best blood work analyses came from 5 days of eating then 2 days of a ‘semi’ fast… 300 calories per fast day. i can’t remember all details. i want to get the book.
    good luck! you will do this. we know your fortitude! look how quickly you bounced back from those awful surgeries. here’s to no more of them!
    tammy j recently posted..a shy and gentle friend

    1. I suppose that they should except that I had not been exactly sitting idle and worrying about the prosthesis. I had been quite active and paid the price for it I suppose. You are right, I will lick this problem alright. I have all the time in the world to do it and sufficient motivation.

  4. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. What a day to come back on – such a weighty issue. Me – the guy with 4 Xs in front of the L. Pleasingly plump left the room many pounds ago – LOLLOL. Good luck with your effortsmy friend.

      1. Yes. So far, I have not found it to be uncomfortable. If it does get to be, I shall replace it. Thank you for the concern and the advise GM.

    1. So far, it has been comfortable. May be my built in upholstery is sufficient for me. If it does bother me, I can always get the seat replaced. The advantage in this machine is that I can use it for four different exercises and all of them at zero impact on the hip joints.

  5. sounds like an all round machine, exercising different parts without needing to have a zillion objects.

    Really should be breaking in easy – forget the goal time for the time being. If some muscles seem much sore than they should be – take a day out – or drop down to 5mins until you get muscle okay.

    Expect some weigh gain because I understand muscles weigh more than ‘weight’

    Might also be a good idea to tackle food/fuel/liquid intake and see if something couldn’t be less – often just using a smaller plate helps and within a short while brain doesn’t miss that little extra gone…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Art, University, Other…

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