Disgustingly Cheerful!

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Early this morning when I had finished my morning chores and just sat down to read the first newspaper of the day, I got a phone call from a friend and on hearing my cheerful greeting he asked me “how can you be so disgustingly cheerful this early in the day?”.

Okay, I confess that I am disgustingly cheerful not only early in the mornings but in all the telephone calls that I receive.

Anyway, my being always cheerful whether on the phone or on a face to face meeting,  is often misunderstood as being happy.  I confess that I am as human as the next person and can experience sadness, melancholy, joy, frustration and just about every other emotion that everyone experiences.  I simply refuse to let whatever is bugging me at that point of time come out and spoil the mood of the other person/s.  My good friend Ramesh has given me the nickname Swamiji and insists on calling me by that only, because he says that I am always cheerful!  He is still to come to grips with my explanation that I am just eudaimoniac! I don’t know if that word is correct and I am ready to be corrected.

Martin Seligman calls that state of mind as “Flourishing”.

Anita, Have I annoyed you enough?

41 thoughts on “Disgustingly Cheerful!”

  1. You’re not annoying me! While I hope I can be empathetic to those who want to talk about their concerns, I dislike being snarled at unexpectedly because I’ve haplessly deigned to call or greet someone.

  2. Whether correct or not the term eudaimoniac is best left to the lofty egos of pseudo intellectuals who like to display their sophistication with their use of $5.00 words. You are simply a nice guy that makes a conscious effort to be polite, respectful and pleasant when greeting others. To those who find that somehow offensive I say “Get a life!” or – and knowing your dislike of swearing – I offer a non-vulgar fuggum! 🙂
    shackman recently posted..What Nondescript Item Had The Most Impact On Your Life (How/Why ?)

  3. “eudaimoniac” .. Reading about it gave me a headache and I still don’t know what it means. I much prefer to ‘flourish’ … “Oh, when your smiling… when your smiling, the whole world .. etc.” .. 🙂

  4. It is always good to have a few people around whose self-worth and purpose in life is measured by the misery they go through. Offering them kindness and charity is then quite appropriate.
    Looney recently posted..Pacifica

  5. Just recently someone considered dropping my blog because I’m always so “damned cheerful” and live like a monk. Well, yeah. My title was chosen for a reason. 🙂 It’s a great life.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Checking Facts

    1. That was me (I).
      You don’t exactly live like a monk with your Prime mail, stuff you order and discard, your house “up there”. I spend a lot on big items but live frugally–like a monk.

      1. She laughed when I told her that. We may be opposites but are great friends.

        1. When she laughed was when I told her I was ditching her blog because she’s so “damned cheerful…”

        1. Your energy & attention is all on the computer. Monks don’t have computers.

  6. That’s a lovely greeting! I need more eudaimonic people in my life, Rummuser. I think I am the same, most of the time – not 100%, maybe, but it’s more in my nature than being gloomy or sad. I was just telling someone this morning that I pretty much laughed my way through cancer diagnosis and treatment a few years ago. Why not? What’s the point of crying and adding the insult of a stuffy nose to all the other misery? 🙂

    I wish more people could be eudaimonic. It’s a good word, Rummuser, and I think you used it perfectly.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Spammerview: A Blogging Fable with No Moral

  7. Cheerful early will either help, or annoy if the cheerfulness isn’t shared.

    1. I agree, Bikehikebabe. As I’ve replied to Holly, whether you’re ‘disgustingly’ cheerful or ‘annoyingly’ chipper, I think both descriptives arise from the state of mind of the other person. I think a little sensitivity is required when unleashing ones cheerfulness on some unsuspecting sod who’s had a bad day. Cheerfulness and compassion together go a long way towards raising another’s spirits – and isn’t that the point?

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