Dishoom is a much advertised Hindi movie, and I had seen the trailer a few times while seeing other films. John Abraham used to be my late wife’s movie idol too. Like it often happens, the trailer got me interested enough to want to see the movie but the actual movie was a disappointment.

John Abraham’s attempt to portray a hardened cop makes him look wooden and there is nothing more that needs to be said. Varun Dhawan over acts and appears childish. Jacqueline Fernandez provides some interesting moments but her role perforce had to be a minor one to the action.

The action scenes and the music in the film are the only reasons that save the film from being a total flop.

One will not miss much if one gives this movie a miss.

7 thoughts on “Dishoom.”

  1. could be it was a satire on that type of movie? judging from the title… “Bam”
    we have had a few of those… always delivered with a straight faced delivery.
    just grabbing at a straw here. you know.. for the gorgeous john abraham!
    tammy j recently posted..the experts

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