Diwali / Deepavali At Home.

Since the day before yesterday, we have been in our annual Diwali mood and today is the culmination with two more days of tapering off to come.

Some photographs taken just a few minutes ago showing the festival of lights in all its glory at home, starting with one of my daughter in love Manjiree, lighting up a few lamps that had extinguished in the wind.

8 thoughts on “Diwali / Deepavali At Home.”

  1. how pretty it is. festive.
    I love tiny colored lights. it’s the part I always enjoy about our christmas celebrations everywhere. they bring such cheer. at least to me.
    is that the marble entrance to your home? I am wondering if the stenciled red design is there for the celebration… and what does it mean? or is it too much to explain here… if so I shall just enjoy it!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. Yes, the marble floor is the entrance to our home. The design on the floor is called Rangoli and is drawn as an auspicious mark while allowing the ladies of the home to show off their creative talents. The link should explain it and if you still want to know more about it, I shall be happy to correspond separately. Among the many reasons for using them, one is that ants come to eat the rice flour and that is supposed to satisfy them so that they don’t come in to other areas of the home.

  2. There are pockets of Indian residents living in various suburbs here in Melbourne so there will be Diwali celebration (and community festivals) here over this weekend Plus a large one in the city itself.
    I remember this festival from our time of living in Singapore during the 1960s also the big processions at Thaipusam time – gory ? ~ Cathy
    Cathy recently posted..Take the good with the bad…..

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