Do I like to be challenged?

As I had indicated in my Saturday’s post, this is the first post to answer the seven questions that Grannymar had asked in her meme.

To start with, this question presupposes that I am challenged and asks me if I like being challenged.

Yes, I am physically challenged as one would say to be politically correct. Ordinary straight forward people simply say, that I am lame. I am inevitably with a cane and have got that sobriquet.

Do I like it? No, except for when I have to stand in queues when inevitably someone will offer to keep my place while I sat somewhere close by or, someone will yield. There are also occasions when kind souls have offered to and carried my baggage.

I am also mentally challenged, as all my regular readers know.

Do I like it? Yes, an unqualified and resounding yes.

How about you?

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