Do You Love …… Most Annoying.


Every now and then, Facebook posts ask to share posts asking :

Do You Love Your Mother?
Do You Love Your Father?
Do You Love Your Wife?
Do You Love Your Daughter?

And those posts go on to tell you to share if you answer yes.

I am always flummoxed because I don’t have any of these four in my life.

Why can’t people ask properly using the correct tense?

Or, is it that people who post these are totally insensitive to people like me?

30 thoughts on “Do You Love …… Most Annoying.”

  1. I suppose the dark side of me wants the opposite of those questions which I never share or pass on. I particularly despise the ‘ share if you dislike cancer’ or whatever disease of the week. I do believe any participation in FB should optional, I hate being told what to do. Especially the saddo posts from people about no one caring for them if they don’t share. Seriously.
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  2. I hate those “share this if…” damn things!

    Seems a new one of those things pops up every day and they all, for the most part, are intended to use intimidation and guilt to motivate their readers. Still others use them to promote their self-righteousness.

    If I find one too irritating or annoying I immediately ‘hide’ it so I no longer have to look at it! 😕
    Alan G recently posted..(Docudrama Review) – “The Men Who Built America”

  3. Talk about your beloved synchronicity, Ramana. Only the other day I was in two minds which ‘tense’ to use with reference to my grandmother. The past tense because she has been long dead – or the present tense. I decided for the present tense because, no matter how dead she is – rotted to her skeleton, i LOVE her.

    And I hope that once I am out of the picture my son will say that he loves me. Even if it’s all in the past.

    Ursula recently posted..How do you do

  4. Just read all the other comments. Which I should have done first except they didn’t show up on my screen until now.

    As to that most annoying “sharing” it’s an Americanism. One I hesitate to hold against Americans. But, yes, it does sound a little hollow.

    I do agree with Alan’s and Grannymar’s – sharp as her needle – comments. There is fishing going on. “Thanks for sharing” as insincere as “have a good day”.

    Ursula recently posted..How do you do

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