10 thoughts on “Doctor’s Sense Of Humour.”

  1. Well, some people die in hospices or at home, but it’s a nice joke! It reminds me of when my GP was removing a large cyst from the top of my head and she went to get a cyst removal pack. When she got back she found it was actually a coil insertion pack. “I don’t think you’ll be needing this” she commented, as she went to get the correct pack.

  2. the doctor with no bedside manner said…
    “well. it looks like you only have 3 months to live.”
    the patient was alarmed… just as anyone would be.
    he thought for a moment and said
    “DARN! that means I won’t even have time enough to pay you.”
    the doctor said…
    “make that 6 months to live.”

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