Does That Sleigh Have Brake Lights, Mr Claus?

Lin at her creative best again comes up with today’s LBC topic. It is mid summer here in India where I live and a sleigh, brake lights or no brake lights is far removed from our thoughts.


In any case, in India, Santa Claus travels by many vehicles and once, in Kerala, when I was much younger, I was persuaded to dress up like him and visit the children riding on an elephant. I can assure you that it was not an experience that I would like to undergo again and, no, the elephant did not have brake lights.


Even in our Himalayan regions where snow is available in plenty, Mr. Claus is not known to come in a sleigh and so, I am afraid that I have to stop this post with that little story about my experience.

24 thoughts on “Does That Sleigh Have Brake Lights, Mr Claus?”

  1. Your comment about not wanting to play elephant Santa struck a chord. Years ago, I played Santa in a motorized sleigh in a Wisconsin, USA, town. I and several helpers handed out about 2,000 popcorn balls to the children. An experience I’ve never longed to repeat!
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    1. No Max, it is not me on this particular elephant but it was something like this that I had to do. I was the only one among various people approached for the job, crazy enough to accept as I wanted to impress my then four year old son!

  2. I just read a story about an elephant who collapsed and died in exhaustion from taking tourists around. I found it so upsetting so the timing of yours is a little off, sorry.

    Glad that you Santa’d yourself though 🙂


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