Dogs, Leashes, My Muse And A Metaphor.

My neighbourhood is full of street dogs. Some residents, including my son Ranjan, feed them and care for them and they make for great watch dogs in the nights. Most of them occupy stilt garages which are open ground floor ones in multistory buildings.

Like dogs everywhere, they are highly territorial and object to other dogs encroaching on their marked territories. Pet dogs of local residents, after a few days of getting used to, do not cause much problems, but a new dog in the locality certainly will.

Pet dogs are usually taken around by their owners on leashes. Obviously most of such dogs have received some training and do not respond to the barking of the street dogs, but some new ones can and do cause problems for their handlers. There are also the old veterans who do not need leashes and are friendly with the locals.

I have always been amused at the hysterical goings on by the street dogs when dogs on leashes are taken for their exercise by their handlers. The leashed dogs usually could not care less and walk almost majestically alongside their handlers as if fully confident that the handlers will take care of the hysterical curs. They seem to be comforted by the leash which connects them to the handlers.

With that background, let me now come to the main story. A friend of mine has been having endless problems with his family members, so much so that he gets quite worked up and loses his composure and peace of mind often. Two particular members of his family have recently been giving him some frustrating times. He decided to let some steam off on my shoulders and told me all about the situation and asked me for advise on how to tackle this problem.

This is when my Muse kicked in and gave me some inspired ideas. I asked him if he has seen how street dogs behave when pet dogs are taken for walks in the former’s territory. On his saying yes that he has, I proceeded to give him the insight that I have gained from the behaviour of the pet dogs. I suggested that he be like the pet dog, majestic and not bothered, secure in the knowledge that the leash, which can be compared to his self assurance, and the handler, his higher power, will take care of the situation.

I doubt very much that he liked the metaphor. Do you?

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