Our lady of the house, Chutki has taken ill and has been hospitalised the last two nights. Her absence is most felt by me as she tails me around wherever I go and likes to keep an eye on me. I was told by a dog mind reader that it was her maternal instinct and she considers me as her child.

On the other hand, the same person told me that when she was with my son and daughter in love, she thought that she was their baby and that she was human.

What a split personality. Despite all that, I miss her and hope that she will get well soon and return home and to me.

7 thoughts on “Dogs.”

  1. Oh no! It’s so worrying when they are unwell. I hope that lovely girl (be she mama or baby or both) is soon better!

  2. oh SEAN! I somehow missed this post.
    I’m just not ready for Chutki to be ill.
    she had just a Hard start in her little life. she is brave and valiant!
    she survived so much.
    and she gives you and Ranjan and your Daughter in Love such Joy.
    I will be praying for her quick recovery. XO

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