13 thoughts on “Doing Nothing.”

  1. I wouldn’t say I do nothing but certainly now I’m retired I do “nothing in particular”. I might be doing something useful like housework but then again I might be just sitting staring into space. I remember from my schooldays that a favourite response of pupils when the teacher asked “What are you doing?” was “Nothing, Miss” (or Nothing Sir).

  2. I do a whole of nothing as well, often – often it’s lying on my bed, under the covers and just staring into space – this particularly in the early hours of the morning, before even daylight has appeared – but of late because I seem particularly unwell, more often a lot of the actual morning, other trips to the kitchen or similar…
    And I’m starting to feel less guilty about it all, as long as I get the general household chores done…I’m all good.
    Yes it would be nice to make a little art, that will return soooooooon.

  3. My Father used to say that ‘NOTHING’ was impossible.

    He would go on to say that ‘I’ve been doing that for Years’

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