Doing Something II.

Cheerful Monk while commenting on my post Doing Something asked – “So what are you choosing to do? How are you making that choice?” In the same post, Wisewebwoman commented – “You need to share, Ramana!”

My response is This. Please click on the images for larger resolutions.

And this.

My life has been like the clip below for quite some time now and I often throw the cup and the balls away just like the child in the clip does.

I hope that my responses have amused my readers enough to come to some serious stuff.

I don’t set an alarm clock to wake up in the mornings. My inner mechanism has a built-in alarm that wakes me up around 4.45 am every morning. Till 8.30 my morning is taken up by meditation, yoga, morning cup of tea, japa, prayers and breakfast. After those have been handled to my satisfaction, I read four news papers everyday and also solve four crossword puzzles that come in them. That takes me to around 1200 noon when I start reading whatever I am currently reading in the form of a book or one or more of the many magazines that I subscribe to. Lunch is around 1.00 pm and after lunch too I read till about 2.00 pm when I go off for my siesta till 3.30 pm. From then till 5.30 pm I am either at the computer catching up with my mail and attending to other matters like blogging / reading other blogs and reading the international news. I then go to a park nearby for a walk and meeting with my friends and return to my computer to end whatever has been left over for the day which will include a session or two with Facebook. I either watch a movie or some program on the TV or read till 10.00 pm when I go off to bed to sleep.

This routine is often changed to include going out to see movies or to lunch with family or friends but by and large it is unchanged except when visitors come calling.

I am sure that my readers will agree that all the above will come under the classification of doing ‘nothing’. I enjoy being in my comfort zone and am content with my life as it is.

Now to what earthshaking ‘thing’ that I do when I do do something. For some strange reason, I am treated like a sage by some people. Simply stated, I mentor some younger friends and allow my broad shoulders to be used to cry on by some friends and relatives of around my age.This can be in person, by mail, whatsApp or phone calls. Not a day passes when I don’t have to handle one or two of such interludes in my life.

There Monk and WWW, I have bared my soul!

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  1. I don’t have set “doing something – daily” although some periods I do. The only time nowadays I set my alarm (fear I will keep a chauffeur waiting) is when I have to go out…

    But here, my neighbours go off to work somewhere between 6.45 – 7.30 (they mostly seem to do shift work) Sometimes, that doesn’t involve the w/ends which is often the times when I’m off out with said people above. I quite often go back to sleep which is also good, because I really don’t need to be up early!

    This week, I’m not on a schedule which is fortunate because most of it has been lying in bed, trying to get topside again (a bit of a backward health flip)…hope to manage a short trip to grocery store tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like a very enjoyable daily routine. It’s interesting how people see you as a sage. It must be very satisfying when you give them advice that they clearly find helpful.

    I like the ritual of the afternoon meeting with friends. I must bear that in mind when I finally retire and I’ve met a few other retirees!

    1. That afternoon meeting is when my friends and I solve all the world’s problems. Do cultivate some friends with who you can do that. It is most satisfying, I can assure you.

  3. i enjoyed hearing about your daily ritual rummy.
    other people’s lives are always so interesting!
    i love the simplicity of it.
    it’s not so unlike my own day. only i solve the world’s problems with my marine.
    and i will never be thought of as a sage!
    i am passionate about animal’s rights and the plight of children and refugees and others in need. but also due to health reasons i can only help with meager donations now and keeping them in my thoughts … sharing those thoughts with others.
    in that respect only… i wish i were young and healthy and robust again… to do more.
    too soon old too late smart. youth is often spent on self absorption.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. Somehow the Universe seems to be conspiring to bring subjects that reflect my life to my blog posts. My Friday LBC also reflects some aspects of my life. I used to be passionate about many things but have now come to the realisation that with my physical limitations, I must be more practical than idealistic and activistic.

  4. Thank you Ramana. Our days bear some simarity, surprise surprise as I counsel others as well. Much to my own delight. I’m also more active in service to my community. But on the whole our rhythms would be in sync.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Blog Jam

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