Domestic Chores.

Currently my responsibility as far as chores at home go are next to nothing! My son and daughter in love take care of almost everything and I am left alone to read, solve crossword puzzles, blog and see a lot of movies besides finding other ways of entertaining myself like visiting friends and functions.

There however are some which for historical reasons I handle and they are:


1. Get necessary provisions for the kitchen.
2. Set Yoghurt.
3. Keep out of the way of the others at home.

At need.

1. Keep accounts for the pressman. ( A man who collects washed clothes from homes, takes them to be ironed and returned after two days)
2. Arrange for repairs at home like getting the electricians/plumbers etc.


Manage the payroll for the help and pay all monthly bills like newspapers, cable TV, Pressman.

It was not like this always. I have had enough experience of being a househusband and am glad that I now live with my children who give me the freedom to enjoy myself in the twilight of my years.

This week’s topic for the weekly Fridy LBC was chosen by me. You can see what Shackman and Pravin have to say in their respective blogs.

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