Down Memory Lane II

This is the second of the articles that I wrote on my abandoned blog.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Party Interactions
Last night, I attended a party to meet the visiting son of a dear friend of mine. The friend is 85 years old and is about to lose his complete vision due to Macular Degeneration. Despite this great handicap, he is cheerful, friendly and very alive.

The affection that many people have for him was demonstrated by the number of people who had come to the party. There were senior citizens, some very young people and also a sprinkle of middle aged people, all intent on making the party a success and all wanting to tell his son what a wonderful man my friend was and how he brings joy into their lives.

I was stuck by this rare occurrence. Here is a man who is 85, almost totally blind, a widower, living alone in a Home for Senior Citizens, totally alive. His reach touched people of so many age groups and backgrounds.

What is it that makes a man like this tick?

My friend continues to be exacly as he was on that day last year. He is a year older but not a bit slower or in any way different in his attitude or zest for life.

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