Dr. Strangelove.


Looney, to the best of my recollection, for the first time since I started to follow his blog, wrote about a film for a change. And despite having seen the film earlier on two occasions, I decided to see it again seeing how suddenly Russia and the West are back at each other’s throat. I am glad I did though not because it threw any new light on the current situation, but to refresh my memory about Peter Sellers and his versatility.

Unlike Looney, I did not appreciate the black comedy, even on the earlier occasions when I had seen the film but liked it for Peter Sellers’ performance. But, on this occasion, it certainly got me thinking about the possibilities of something going wrong  either between the West and Russia or India and Pakistan with a nuclear fall out, and the trend of thought is not pleasant at all.

Apart from the main message of the film, I think that it should be screened again now in the present scenario to get people to think about how horribly things could go wrong.

I would rather not rate this film as a film to see for entertainment but to refresh our memories about the tense days gone by which seem to be reviving now again.

And finally, a message to Looney:  I hope that you enjoyed the review or what I have written in this post.  Thank you for reminding me of this film.

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  1. Somehow I think nuclear war is more apt to break out between Pakistan and India than between Russia and the U.S., at least with Obama in the White House. Not that I think he’s a great president, just that he’s more cautious than some of the loose canons aspiring to office.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Yay, Michigan!

  2. @Ramana, it is good to hear your ponderings! I am with Cheerful Monk on the view that there are more likely nuke scenarios than the US and Russia now, although I think some of the “loose canons” would get along better with Putin than Obama does!

    There are many other catastrophe scenarios besides “the sky is falling” that are, um, hanging over humanity.
    Looney recently posted..When the lawless write the laws …

  3. to me, the film Sleuth
    (or the royal hunt of the sun) based on work by Peter Schaffer,
    or, just for fun, Noises off, based on work by Alan Ayckbourn,
    say more about the human condition, human thinking, and why we have been there before, than anything else on the market. Extrapolated, on different levels, it’s all there. IMHO.
    Dun-Na-Sead recently posted..What Social Media Can Tell You About Yourself

    1. As Americans say, different strokes for different folks! I am totally neutral on these matters. As soon as I am asked to compare two or more, I will say that they are different from each other rather than one being better or worse than the other/s. But like you, I would express my ranking in terms of preference.

  4. The film is still very relevant. The idea that some maverick US General (or President) could somehow manage to release a nuclear bomb still seems more than possible. As Jean says, there are plenty of loose cannons out there liable to do something totally imbecilic at any moment.
    nick recently posted..Losing control

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