Driverless Vehicle.

Much is being written and spoken about the future of driverless vehicles. Frankly, I am scared though being an Indian, I should not.


Here is a driverless vehicle, successfully tested in India. No accidents even at an abnormally high speed. Auto navigation works perfectly on narrow roads. Obstacles are perfectly avoided with unmatched agility. And, you really do not need to understand the warning signals that you hear in the background.  Suffice it to say that it apparently works.

See this road test.

I thank Shankar the irrepressible for this clip as well as the narrative.

7 thoughts on “Driverless Vehicle.”

  1. So driverless vehicles not a new practice? Funny though likely not to the horse. Actually, not funny to folks in my mothers youth of horse and buggy days, but only true when folks were returning home according to her accounts — that the horse could be counted on to take them home without guidance as it always knew the way.

    1. In my child and boyhood my siblings and I would go to our village during vacations and inevitably used the bullock carts for transport for local purposes. The driver would inevitably nod off on the way back and without the slightest error, the bullocks would bring us back home and as they neared the home, they would even increase their speed!

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